Tom Mueller's Genealogy Web Page

Tom Mueller Genealogical research, documents, books, stories, and pictures about Tom Mueller's German-from-Russia ancestors who settled North Dakota
Tom's Books about his Ancestors
The Last Link | [pdf for printing]
A short story based on fact, with first hand memories of Tom's ancestors. Last Modified 02/16/2004

NDSU Libraries Book
Some of Tom's stories were collected and published during the summer of 2004 in a book by NDSU's German from Russia Heritage Collection. More information on how to order can be found here.
Weispfenning Family J. & S. Weispfenning's Children | [pdf for printing]
A list of the immediate descendants of Tom's great-grandparents. From 03/18/04.

Pauline Gumke Ost's 90th Birthday Party
Written for Tom's cousin's Birthday. 03/04/2003.

Cousin Pauline Gumke Ost's "Gumke's Pig Rodeo"
A story about a pig rodeo told to Tom by his cousin Pauline. 03/15/2004
Mueller Family
Salomon Mueller
Information about Solomon Mueller, Tom's paternal grandfather. 07/25/2002

Maria Weispfenning Mueller
Information about Maria Weispfenning Mueller, Tom's paternal grandmother. 06/01/2002

Salomon & Maria Weispfenning Mueller's Children | [pdf for printing]
Table showing descendants of Salomon Mueller and Maria Weispfenning Mueller's Children. 07/25/2002

Salomon Mueller's Descendants | [pdf for printing]
Detailed genealogy of Salomon Mueller's descendants. 01/25/2002

Thomas Mueller
Brief biography of Tom Mueller. 5/11/2004.

Ossie Hofstad and Helma Mueller Hofstad
Description of Tom's Uncle and Aunt and their children.
Weigel/Welder Family
Frank & Katherina Weigel
Description of Tom's maternal great-grandparents.

Weigel/Welder Heritage
Tom's kinship relations to the Weigel and Welder families, tracing back his ancestry to the 18th century.

Welder Heritage Book
Transcription of the Katherina and Frank Welder page from the 1979 Welder Heritage Book.
Ivanov Family
George Ivanov
Description of Tom's maternal grandfather. 12/17/03.

Barbara Weigel Ivanov
Description of Tom's maternal grandmother. 12/17/03.

George & Barbara Ivanov's Children | [pdf for printing]
Table describing the children of George and Barbara Ivanov. 5/15/04.