Salomon Mueller

Born: 10-27-1884 in Paris, South Russia

Father: Christoff Mueller

Mother: Dorothea Schroeder Oelke Mueller (married twice)

Came to America in 1905

Married Maria Weispfenning 6-6-1908

Died: 10-22-1953

Buried in Gackle Cemetery

Salomon Mueller came from South Russia when he was about 17.  He stowed away on the ship by hiding behind or under the big black skirts that were worn by the Jewish women on the ship - they sat on benches, and he hid behind them.  He snuck into the port - Alvin, his son, told me this in the 1970's.  Also, his brother came with him, but was either caught or they got separated later - very sketchy details.  I have also heard that the brother went out to western North Dakota (Golden Valley) and lost track of him.  

I remember him.  He had his chickens in his basement during the winter.  He had slide-out trays that he took out and emptied every day.  They were lined with newspaper.

I remember having Sunday dinner with my mom and dad and Lucy and Grandma and Grandpa Salomon Mueller.  We had chicken - and they always scalded the chicken legs and fried them with the rest of the chicken.  They were great - I was sitting between my Grandpa and Dad and they piled their bones on my plate.  I remember thinking that was great because I could eat all that chicken.

I remember Mom taking me to the courthouse once - Grandpa was the County Sheriff.  He served two terms, then 4 years as police chief in Napoleon.  Then he ran again for County Sheriff and served two more terms.  He al

ways won reelection big.  He had a dray line in Gackle and was City Marshall.  When elected Sheriff, he moved to Napoleon in 1942.

I remember the day he died (cancer) in his home.  I was four years old.  Lucy and I were at Grandpa Ivanov's - they took care of us for about 3-4 days.  My parents were caring for Sal.  He was very sick.  The Mueller's and Ivanov's lived beside each other in Napoleon.  The day he died - about 3-6 p.m.- I was allowed to join my parents in Grandpa Mueller's house.  I was there when they carried him out on a stretcher covered with an army blanket.  I was told about 1970-1980's that when he was Marshall at Gackle he would patrol the main street of Gackle walking with a whip.  The guy that told me this (laughing) was older and said he was a teenager then, and they were scared of him and minded him.  They didn't want to get in trouble.  

Solomon Mueller  2