How I spent my Summer Vacation

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As the semester starts we must say a tearful goodbye to summer.  The
friends we've made, and the memories we've shared will last a
lifetime.  Let us pause now and consider the summer past...

How They Spent Their Summer Vacations

John Jonides - Improved WM capacity enough to maintain scores for 18 holes
of golf.

Ed Smith - Categorized all objects in his attic.

Patti Reuter-Lorenz - Learned the hard way that it's "Foreign Legion" not
"Foreign Lesion."

Dave Meyer - Shaved 5ms off his simple reaction time thanks to a grueling
regimen of yoga and candy bars.

Bill Gehring - Spent money saved on beard care products on "Cigar
Aficionado" subscription.

Denise Park - Taunted old people at the beach.

Thad Polk - Spent summer teaching daughters about animal cruelty.

Colleen Seifert - Perfected cognitive map of her new house.

Frank Yates - "Should I go to the pool or the beach? The pool or the beach?"

Jun Zhang - Math stuff.

Faculty and Students are invited to a very special Farewell To Summer happy
hour at Good Time Charley's at 4:30pm today.  Please remember to bring an
SPF 15 sunblock...

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