Cognition for the TV Generation

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(C&P Faculty/student happy hour will be at 4pm Friday at Charley's -
outside, weather permitting)

There is an incredible range of students taking cognitive psych classes.
In an effort to remain accessible to everyone, we feel that we should
tailor instruction to capture the strengths of these people.  Therefore, we
have begun to develop a teaching methodology to take advantage of the two
primary abilities of the students:  An incredibly short attention span, and
a near perfect ability to recall television theme songs.

It has been argued that TV theme songs are the poetry of our age.  We
wholeheartedly agree, and would claim that, were he alive today, Mozart
would have composed the theme to NBC's hit show Friends.  Please take a
moment to review the suggestions below.  We will have a staff meeting this
friday at 4pm at Charley's to discuss further revisions to these plans.
And remember our message to the students:  "Come aboard, we've been
expecting you."

Ballad of Ed Smith
(To the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies theme)

Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Ed
Good researcher, barely got publish-ed
Then one day he was looking at a tree
And thought to himself, "A natural category!"
(Categorization, that is, Semantics, yes indeed!)

First thing you know, old Ed's cited everywhere
Friends said, Ed, move away from there
Said that U of M was the place he ought to be
So he packed up his lab and moved near Ypsilanti
(A2 that is, football games, college bars)

The lexical decision task
(to the tune of the Brady Bunch theme)

Here's the story of a guy named Dave E.
who was wondering if different words were real
and what happened if they were like each other
how would subjects deal?

Here's the story of a guy named Roger
who had similar thoughts of his own
yet neither one could put it together
working all alone

till one day when these two met each other
and they knew that neither had to ask
that these two would somehow write a classic
that's the way we got the lexical-decision task
the decision task, decision task
that's the way we got the lexical-decision task

The Facts of Intro to Cognitive Psych
(to the tune of The Facts of Life theme)

You take the Bill,
You take the Thad,
You take them both and there you have cognitive psych.
cognitive psych.

There's a time you gotta go and show
You're knowin' how,
We achieve insight,
You're just so bright,

Why the world always seems,
To keep popping up in your dreams.
And suddenly you're finding out,
The facts of mind are all about you.
All about you.
All about you.
A-ll about you.

It takes a lot to get em right,
But you're learnin the facts of psych.
Learnin the facts of psych.
Learnin the facts of psych.
Learnin the facts of psych.

The RA Song
(to the tune of the theme from Cheers)

Getting your way with your RA,
Takes everything you got.
Getting a break from all their worries,
Sure would help a lot.
Wouldn't you like a new RA?

Someone who'll at least know
Running subjects is not a game
And both hemispheres are not the same
You want a person who at least
Can explain their life's aim
You want someone who
You have no desire to maim.

You don't want a student who'll
Always curse your name.
You only want one 
Who doesn't drive everyone insane.

There are some of you who still haven't come to happy hour, we know who you
are.  Take some time off, have some fun.

See you friday!

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