Things to do When Teaching

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25 Things To Make Teaching More Fun

1. Eat chalk

2. Whenever you make a grammatical error, declare a "do over" and begin
reteaching the entire course, starting with the first lecture.

3. Bring in red playground balls, throw balls at class dodgeball style

4. No matter what the topic, discuss your own research

5. Refer to students as "worthless bloodsucking leeches"

6. Imagine the class naked

7. Imagine yourself naked

8. Actually get naked

9. Do all math equations using Roman numerals

10. Give yourself a Spice Girl name (e.g. Academic Spice), insist that your
students address you as such

11. Test item: "Does my butt look fat to you?"

12. Before asking a question, students must submit to a physical challenge

13. Two words: Spray Cheez

14. Burp your lectures

15. Teach karaoke style

16. Enter class riding a pony

17. When asked a particularly annoying question respond with, "Talk to the
hand, 'cause the face ain't listening."

18. When students get answers wrong, demand that they drop and give you fifty

19. List a 1-900 number for your office phone on your syllabus

20. Sell advertising space on class handouts

21. Demand that students provide a ritual sacrifice

22. Hire a back-up band

23. Require all papers to be written in ancient Aramaic

24. Two drink minimum

25. Express a deep-seated hatred for the French early in the semester.
Whenever you are asked a particularly difficult question, look suspiciously
at the student and say, "you ain't one of them lousy frogs, are you?"

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