Exam Review

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You might be wondering why happy hour is being held at 5 instead of the customary 4:30.
This is because of the big exam review.  As you may know, next week is the first
PSY 340 (Intro to Cognitive Psychology) exam of the semester.  I hope everyone has
studied, because a poor grade will certainly mean years of turmoil and depression
as you wonder what might have been.

To make things easier for you, we here at Happy Hour Central have come up with a
helpful review technique.  We call it the mnemonic method(tm).  It's pretty straight
forward, we simply develop easy-to-remember strategies for difficult concepts.
Learning these concepts should be effortless, and your test performance should
reflect the care and diligence you put forth in this endeavor.  If you still have
trouble on the test it means that you're dumb.


The Brain

The 4 lobes of the brain are the Parietal, Occipital, Temporal and Frontal.  You
can rely on the acronym POTS to remember them.  P=Parietal, O=Occipital, T=Temporal,
S=Sex, which is one of the four "F's" of the hypothalamus, and Frontal starts with F too.

The Neuron

The most important part of the neuron is the Axon.  The axon carries the signal
when a neuron "fires."  Axon kind of sounds like Axl, as in Axl Rose who is the
lead singer of the rock group Guns N' Roses.  If Axl had a real job, there is
no doubt he too would be "fired."


The retina consists of two types of photoreceptors, Rods and Cones.  Only cones
respond to color, and although both words begin with C, a better strategy would
be to remember that "Rod Stewart is color-blind" - therefore, it isn't true that
RODS RESPOND TO COLOR.  Don't remember that Rod and Red are spelled almost the
same, and that Red is a color, because that would lead you to believe that RODS
ARE USED IN COLOR PERCEPTION, and we wouldn't want that.  So, whatever you do,

Bottom-Up vs. Top-Down Processing

Bottom-up processing means that meaning is in the world, whereas top-down
processing means that the user ascribes meaning to stimuli.  "Bottom's Up"
is something you say when you drink.  Drinking may lead you to fall Down.
Members of fraternities often Drink Up and then Throw Up and Fall Down.  Frat
boys in a convertible may drive with the Top Down and try to moon sorority girls
by sticking their Bottom's Up and taking their pants Down.  The sorority girls
might put the frat boys Down and tell them to grow Up.  So, think about the
Greek system and Top-Down and Bottom-Up processing should be a breeze.

If you have any other questions, stop by your GSI's office hours
(Today at 5 at Charley's), sit Down and ask them to look Up the answers.

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