Truths exposed at Happy Hour

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OK folks,
Many of you have been to the informal cognition/perception happy hours in
the past, yet some of you haven't.  In addition to drinking and laughing,
we also answer many of humankind's most pressing problems and questions.
For example:

Question:	What is the meaning of life?
Answer:	        Tenure.

Question:  	Do we have free will?   
Answer:  	No, we only think we do.

Question:  	If you were to be stranded on a desert island with any tenured
	        psychologist, who would it be, and why?  
Answer:         Male:  Dave Meyer, because he's tall, and can reach coconuts. 
		Female: Martha Farah, because we're pretty sure she has super

Question:	What is happiness?
Answer:	        It has something to do with seratonin.

Question:	Is television bad?
Answer:	        If it's CBS it is.

So stop by and help us drink and ponder.  Today (Friday) at 4:00 at
Charley's.  Weather permitting we'll sit outside, weather forbidding,
inside.  Today's big question:  If evolution continued unfettered, would
any academics survive, or would we be weeded out as the slow, weaklings
that we are?

See you at 4!

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