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After the pageantry, pomp, and circumstance of last week's Miss America
Pageant, I took it upon myself to look into the past of a few members of
our own pageant community.  I have to admit I was very impressed - We've
got a lot of talent in East Hall.

We'll be meeting for beer and the swimsuit competition at Charley's on
Friday at 4:30pm.

Name: Travis Seymour
Title:  Little Miss Frontal Lobes, 1983
Platform:  Task Switching Awareness
Talent:  Bop-It en Pointe

Name:  Beth Veinott
Title:   Palo Alto Decision Queen, 1993
Platform:  The Importance of Choosing the Right Clothing
Talent:  Rhythmic Coin Flipping

Name:  Bill Gehring
Title:  Dekalb County King of The Beards, 1988
Platform:  The Value of Covering Up Your Mistakes
Talent:  Jazz Stroop

Name:  Jason Riis
Title:  1st Runner Up, Canada's Wee Little Intramural Prince, 1981
Platform:  Supporting Men's Sports
Talent:  Pom Poms

Name:  John Jonides
Title:  Mr. Working Memory USA, 1997
Platform:  Better Living Through Turtlenecks
Talent:  Underwater N-Back

Name:  Adrian Willoughby
Title:  London Lexicon Lad, 1996
Platform:  No Porridge, No Peace
Talent:  Funny Accent

Name:  Heather Pond
Title:  Ms. Magnetic Personality fMRI Princess, 1998
Platform:  Keep Your Corpus Collosum Clean
Talent:  Cabbage Patch

So take some time off on Friday afternoon and drop by Charley's to discuss
duct tape and Vasoline with your friends.

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