Ode to Happy Hour

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Subject: C&P Happy Hour

C&P Happy hour 4pm at charleys (probably inside).

By Stroop Task (A pseudonym)

Twas three weeks before classes
and all through the fourth floor,
not a person was happy
not even Travis Seymour

The summer was ending
it would soon be too cold to bike,
even the mail service was slow
due to the UPS strike

What shall we do
they asked one and all,
we want to have fun
before the onset of Fall

Just then from the computer
there came a great noise,
it was an e-mail from Dan
adressed to these girls and boys

Today at Charley's
at four on the dot,
we could all use a beer
it would definitely hit the spot

Come Beth and Winston
Come Shana and Shane
Come all you Andrea's
However you pronounce your name

The message continued
to all these friends,
come Polk come Gehring
come Reuter-Lorenz

With Maren and Meyer
and all the CPS kids sitting,
drinking inside
(outside, weather permitting)

So come one come all
and take a break,
you'll be amazed at
the difference some fun can make

"The Question" will be big
as it usually is,
and keep in mind the work
it took for me to write this

So take some time
it'll really be nice,
we may even discuss the great film
Children in Paradise.

Well that's it
the end of my rhyme,
until 4 o'clock then
when we'll have a great time!

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