Cognitive Haiku

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(happy hour, 4pm, Charley's)

I'm feeling kind of arty.  Here is some cognitive haiku 
(with deference to the late great Tom Brinck)

I try for ten years
expertise, you elude me
I still stink at chess

oh, Miller, Miller
seven plus or minus two
thank god I can chunk

look at Steve Pinker
he does all that great research
and still has cool hair

I can see it now
activation all around
and no control task

Zenon Pylyshyn
oh say that you cannot see
me with your mind's eye

Schumacher, Lauber
Glass, Zurbriggen, Gmeindl,
Kieras and Meyer
(it's a real author list!)

for all of their skill
symbolic architectures
EPIC cannot dance

back propagation
a feedforward neural net
hidden connections

nurse fast butter slow
lexical decision task
priming is so cool

So dig all you crazy cats.  We'll be hangin' out at Charley's, show up for
a cool time, man.

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