Things to do at Cognitive Neuroscience

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In honor of the impending Cog Neuro exodus, here are the...

Top 10 Fun Things To Do at Cog Neuro

10.  Bring a brown bag lunch, open it, pull out a brain.  With a look of
disgust, loudly complain, "Oh, not again."

9.  During the question period after a particularly boring talk, stand up
and threaten to give the speaker noogies.

8.  Never pronounce "Jonides" the same way twice

7.  Every slide with a head shot, audience members drink a shot

6.  Bring your own highlighters and draw additional areas of activation on
PET images of unattended posters

5.  Replace coffee they usually serve with refreshing cerebro-spinal fluid

4.  Challenge a drunken Martha Farah to an arm wrestling match

3.  Treat Michael Gazzaniga and Alphonso Caramazza to a rousing,
personalized  rendition of the name game (Gazzaniga Gazzaniga bo bazzaniga
bananafana fo fazzaniga...)

2.  Bring a 3T magnet, watch them car keys fly

1.  Discuss your research on the rectal-tectal pathway of colostomy patients

For those of you not going to San Fran this weekend, we'll be meeting at
4pm at Charlie's to divide up the stuff we steal from Bill's lab this

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