A Call for Participation

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Friday, August 22, 1997
Goodtime Charley's from 4pm to 5:50pm.

Your are invited to take part in this week's happy hour, the theme of
which will be "Transitions:  From Summer to Fall".  This gathering will
allow us to take some time off to relax and have a drink among friends. 
Please take a moment to look at the program below.  We hope to see you
there! - The Organizers

4pm  Opening Plenary
     Dave Meyer 

     On Asking Questions:  A Forum Retrospective

     A key aspect of any academic discussion is the ability to properly,
and efficiently formulate and ask questions of speakers.  A good question
can serve many purposes:  to confuse, confound, or scare.  However, a
poorly delivered question do just the opposite.  In his talk, Dr. Meyer
will discuss his techniques and strategies, relying on both experimental
and field data.  In the course of the plenary you will be confronted with
such classics as, "What's in your pockets?" and "Do you mean to tell me
that that isn't significant?".  In addition, Dr. Meyer will present some
new, interesting data on the ability to perform additional tasks (such as
eating lunch) while asking questions.

4:05pm Banquet

4:10pm Panel
       Computational Modelling of Happy Hour
       Stevens, G. & Zhang, J. _A computational model of graduate student
       Mueller, S. & Zhang, J. _Mathematical stuff you couldn't possibly
       Meyer, D., Schumacher, E., Glass, J., Seymour, T., Fencsik, D.,
          Mueller, S., & Kieras, D. _Take that Hal:  An EPIC model of the
          cocktail party effect (and there's no bottleneck)_

4:15pm Invited Address
       Bill Gehring

       Wait, make it a Molson:  Errors while ordering beer

4:20pm Panel

       Reuter-Lorenz, P. _Airport X-ray scanners:  A low-cost alternative
          to PET_
       Polk, T. _Martha Farah's X-ray vision:  A biological imaging
       Jonides, J. & Smith, E. _Working memory correlates with beer

4:25pm Buffet, and networking

4:30pm Panel
       Problem Solving and Decision Making

       Veinott, E., & Yates, J. F. _But I hate Molson:  A response to
       Seymour, T., Mosmann, A., & Seifert, C. _How to get away with
       Patalano, A. _What to do when you're too good for the job_

4:45pm Invited Address
       Winston Seick

       When luck isn't enough:  A Bayesian approach to parking in Ann

5:00pm Panel

       Olson, G. & Olson, J. _Just plain Wierd:  Don Norman's problem with
       Meyer, D. _People who stole my dissertation ideas_
       Horn, D. & Mueller, S. _The growth of supermodelling since GOMS_

5:15pm Shouting Match
       Meta Questions

       Polk, T. _What is consciousness?_
       Polk, T. _Is TV bad?_
       Polk, T. _Are there any tricks to getting tenure?_

5:20pm Short Papers

       Meyer, D., Seymour, T., & Schumacher, E. _Using RT to measure how
          fast people do stuff_
       Geva, A., Miller, A., & Marscheutz, C. _Determining the best color
          schemes for presenting imaging data_
       Furnas, G. _An easy way to conceptualize 15 dimensional data_

5:25pm Closing Plenary
       Veinott, E., Geva, A., Marscheutz, C., Stevens, G., Hedden, T., &
          Horn, D. _Prelim preparation:  You can't play 20 questions with
          Dave Meyer and win_

So come on by, we'll head over to Charley's at 4pm.  We'll probably stay
inside, unless the weather clears up.  If not for yourself, then think of
all the work it took me to write this.

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