Burning Issues

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We will, of course, be holding a happy hour meeting at 5pm today at Charley's to discuss
 burning issues of the day.  Some people have complained that they don't feel comfortable 
attending happy hour because they don't have any burning issues of the day to discuss.  
In order to remedy that situation, we here at Happy Hour Central have compiled a helpful 
guide to the uninspired.  Please join us, and bring along your own topic, or a topic presented below.

Below, you will find a relatively brief list of potential topics.

* How harmful are round tables to the presentation of scientific findings?
* When will Adrian admit that he's really from Cleveland?
* Beard or No Beard, which is the better Bill?
* Can you explain consciousness with an infinite number of Attractor Networks?
* Will Anat parlay her radio fame into an anchor spot on Morning Edition?
* Why haven't we seen Paul, Jim, Mike and Jason in the same place at the same time?
* Beard or No Beard, which is the better Travis?
* Baby or No Baby, which is the better Winston?
* Dave Fencsik Monkey Boy?
* Heather Pond, what *can't* she do with a glue gun?
* Why do they call it a colloquium if nothing gets colloqued?
* Who *is* Michael Farrah?
* Anterior Cingulate, now that's a hell of a gyrus!
* Can Mixmaster Shane finally teach EPIC to dance?

Show up at 5 and we'll tawk...


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