Blowing Off Summer Steam

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Better late than never

The end-of-semester crunch is upon us.  As a public service, here are some
ways to reduce the stress associated with prelims, finals, and grading.
Remember, don't be like the screaming math guy, nothing is more unappealing
than white pants in the winter or a straight jacket in the spring.

Ways to Reduce End-of-Semester Stress

*  Act worried, walk up to strangers demanding to know where in the world
Carmen Sandiego is.

*  Grade finals with a crayon

*  Escape functional fixedness by figuring out 35 other things you can do
with a spatula

*  Lobby local government officials to declare 3pm as "Smoothee Time"

*  Read articles backward looking for hidden messages

*  Reenact Thomas Edison's search for the perfect light bulb filament using
objects in your desk drawer

*  Paint cool flames on the sides of your computer

*  Highlight dirty words in the dictionary

*  Plan your summer trip exploring the water towers of Ypsilanti

*  Demonstrate the validity of the physics theory that "there's always room
for Jello"

*  Run the naked mile fully clothed

*  Spend time organizing the books in the grad library by ISBN

And of course...

*  Stop by happy hour at Charley's

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