The Three Bears

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In an effort to become more efficient, I've decided to write this week's happy
hour e-mail message using speech recognition software.  Enjoy!

called the locks and the three better as 

Once upon a time there were three batters, a pop-up data, a moment there, and a
Baby Bear.  There were sitting down to eat some porridge.  The pop Barrick
tasted his porridge, and it was too hot, the Mom a better case a share of
courage it was also too hot, and the baby their tasted his porridge, which is
also to opt.  So the three bears decided to take a walk in the woods while
their porridge ".  

As to work out walking in the woods, a little girl named old locks happened
across their home.  She jimmied clock, and snuffed into the kitchen.  "Lie 8
EMI hungry" exclaimed blocks.  She looked at the kitchen table, and soft
readable support.  First tasted pop the Bears porridge, it was too high, then
tasted monitors Partridge, but it was too cold.  Finally, she tasted Baby
bear's porridge, and it was just right.  Associate all of a large.  

Nash you wanted some were the sitcom so she looked into the family room, and
soft retailers.  First said in pop the Bears chair, which is too hard.  The G7
monetarist said, which was too soft.  Finally, she said in baby-check which
misjudged right.  However, after reading all at par h she was a heavy little
girl, and eventually the chair broke under her enormous weight.  

That's used hired, so she went to the bedroom.  For she laid down and pop the
Bears bad, but it was too hard, not theirs bed was too soft.  But once you laid
down on Baby bear's bed, she realized it was just the right.  So she fell

At about this time, the Bears came home.  Walking into the kitchen, pop of
their look down at visible and said "Somebody's beating Mike PowerEdge. " Mom
a-barrel looked at her porridge, and said the same fate.  Baby-looking at his
bold, and exclaimed "Somebody's been eating my porridge, and it's all gone!" 

It is to say, the Berisford conserved.  The after calling the police, they
decided to wait in the living room.  A-barrel taste chair, and said "Somebody's
been sitting in my chair" Mom and their said the same fashion.  And paper, said
"Somebody's been sitting in my chair, and a broken!" 

Dell the working set, so they decided to check out the bedroom.  Upon entering
the bedroom, pop the Baer said "Somebody's been sitting in my bed. " Mom of
their said "And somebody's been slipping in my bed!" baby Baer said "Somebodies
unzipping in my bed, and she still there!" 

About this time, Kaul deluxe will cut.  The shock of seeing three talking bears
was more than enough, and she passed out.  The Bears held there until with Ford
is arrived, and gold blocks is now serving 5 to 10 years for breaking and

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